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    Ever been to Bali and wished you could fit all those gorgeous things in your suitcase. We offer a shipping service from Bali to Australia. The info sheets are attached for download and feel free to email me or phone on 0419955174 if you would like to chat. Join us on facebook for all the latest info!


    Click here to download Eastern States info sheet.


    Click here to download Perth info sheet.


    Terms and Conditions:

    Our Responsibilities - 

    To make importing from Bali as easy as possible. 

    To impart our knowledge of importing to help make your experience as easy as possible.

    To deliver your goods in the best possible condition.

    What we dont take responsibility for:

    Lack of quality in the goods you purchase

    Splitting or warping of goods you have purchased yourself.

    :Loss or damage unless the whole container, which is insured. Note, we dont normally have a problem with lost or damaged goods.

    We will endeavour to not split your goods over 2 containers but sometimes happens if unavoidable. 

    What are your responsibilities?

    Payment of goods in a timely manner to Balinese businesses

    Payment of shipping before arrival in Australia

    Payment for delivery immediately on receipt of invoice.